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Friday, February 27, 2009
Last saturday, daddy drove us to sentosa, with Belly button and their daddy and mummy. However, the weather wasnt good.. as a result, we didnt enjoy the day.

Here are the pictures!!!~~

Weather wasnt good to begin with...

Chevro: wow. its so windy here... Poor Cayenne.. stuck at home coz u're on heat? Hiak Hiak!

Camry: Oh man. this kinda weather. Its a FIRST! we've nv been to sentosa in this kinda weather b4.. SUCKS..

Camry: here's belly digging digging and digging... What a nuisiance!! sand so wet stil want to dig..

camry: Still Digging... Sighz. weird boy la.

Chevro: here's button. My room mate at the moment. hohoho. we're cohabitating... together in a playpen...


Cayenne: Here's me at Urban Pooch! b4 this we visited the place I came from.. everything felt weird...

Cayenne: here's Lucas. the 4 mth old puppy.. i've played with him b4 last time..

Cayenne: here's me with Pinkie and Lucas. Guess who's the naughty one???

Cayenne: here's bubbles, the wired coated jrt. she looks a little different from my jie jie...

Cayenne: here's Momo, the long haired Daschund. She's really pretty!

cay: here's dodo, momo's sister! haa.. She has really nice eyes...Can my eyes be like hers too??

Anyway, I am on heat!

Cayenne: Mummy tried to take some shots of me to make her mood better... ok, I shall pose for her!!

Cayenne: Ok, how's this?
Mummy: so so la... U lazy ger.. ask u stand up. u lazy!!

Mummy: ok ger, thanks for posing. here's ur reward!
Cayenne: Thanks Mummy..

Chevro's boarding with Button and belly now.. Wonder how he's doing now.. shall wait for their mummy to send some pics to us!!! hee So long!

Mummy's gona watch marley and me now! cya all later~~~~

5:24 PM

Thursday, February 19, 2009
We were browsing the SKC website and looking at the companion dog show pictures from last year.. and found these pictures...


Cayenne: I cant be bothered abt walking with the crowd la...

Cayenne: what does he want man? keep dragging me along.. and why's everyone looking at me? I juz joined these people like a week ago, and here I am being dragged along...

Cayenne: Here's one of me with the judge. Duno what he wants... maybe he wants to brush my teeth?

Cayenne: Aiya juz go socialise la. who cares abt walking for conformation?

Cayenne: Duno what this guy wants man. keeps dragging me along, etc...

Camry: Oh i remember this!!! This was the happiest dog thingy. haha. boring. we didnt win anything.

This was the time where Camry won 2nd for the fastest eater contest... haha.. THIS YEAR, WE have to snag 1st!! haha.. beat BELLY!!! lol.. jkjk...

1:13 AM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Yesterday, Camry and Chevro went to the dog show... But little Cayenne didnt get to go because she's on heat...

We went to the dog show together with Belly and Button~~ Our best friends... and we met Lucas and Pinkie at the show as well...It was a really tiring day..
Mummy took very very few pictures coz she was bz handling Camry... As if she's a show dog. She was simply joining the Fun events... Pick up your toys and Doggie Race..

Camry: Lucky she didnt go ar. if nt I'd kena again..she'd keep bullying me again...

Chevro: Its nice to be out!! Nah Nah, Cayenne, its ur loss!! muahaha..

Camry: Guess who this is? With a sexy back view?

Camry:Here's bubbles!A 9mth old wired coated JRT! So tiny and adorable... Too bad we didnt take pics of Rain and Shine... THey were really nice too... though I found Rain a little naughty.. haa..

Chevro: here's Button and Belly.... they're really friendly, maybe execpt Belly...

Camry: Here's Button!! A handsome boy... and a Social butterfly!!


Camry: So tired after the 2 events... finally we can go home...


Cayenne: Eh, you all take picture ar.. I wanna take too!!! Pls Pls!!
Camry: Eh.. erm... Mummy's taking pictures of me....

Camry: MAN! this ger juz refuses to leave..
Mummy: ya.. we cant get her out of the picture no matter what... Oh well, then you gers take together then....
Camry: #%#%#%#%#%#.. Whatever...

Cayenne: Wow, so much snacks! where are they from?
Camry: Erm. I won them? THey belong to me!!!

Cayenne: Mummy Please!!! Jie Jie Please!! I wan to eat somemore treats....
Camry: Oh well. cant stand you. mummy can u give her one more??

Cayenne: HIAK HIAK! so easy to make them give food to me!! hohoho...
Camry: you're a spoilt brat. darn spoilt. but i cant help spoiling you.
Chevro: I'm smart, i juz ran away, and ignored her.. wahaha...

Wonder where we are gg this weekend??? hehe

12:33 AM

Friday, February 13, 2009
We were reading the forums and read this case of the chh that was locked up in the toilet permanently..We are thus appealing for interested fosterers to help him!!

from another forum...

Dear dog lovers,

I MAY need help to foster a chihuahua as this dog is being neglected by XXX.

Some1 gave her this dog but wanted it back before cny, but until now did not come n pick him up. Also XXX has also lost interest of the dog & put him in their toilet EVERYDAY!

I came to know about this when I msn with my gf this afternoon & i asked her to give me the dog for re-home as XXX is not keen anymore + i don't think the originial owner really want him back. He been giving reasons like no transport thus unable to bring back the dog........ My gf's bro even offered paying for his taxi fee but he kept on giving funny reason.

Brief Details of the wawa

01 to 02 years old
Short coat
Momo - his name
Very barkish as I think he want to come out of the tiny toilet

The picture of the wawa...
CAmry: OH MAN! its a metal chain! I know how it hurts coz I used to be on choke chains.. but to be permanently tied... i think its really sad....

Can people who can help pls go to www.dogsforum.sg

4:27 PM

Monday, February 9, 2009
On Sunday, Mummy decided to take a break from doing her stupid business marketing assignments and took the 3 of us to Botanic garden with daddy. Its a sort of Family outing...

Cayenne: My 1st visit to Botanic Gardens... This place seems to be really nice!!
Chevro: Yawnz.. muz have brought us here for intensive picture taking la..

Cayenne: My 1st visit to Botanic gardens... As usual, mummy's non-stop chanting that I am a botak monkey...

Chevro: Hi all! Its me!!! Long time no see!!! How do I look? Still as hot?? muahaha

Chevro: Follow me la. I teach u how to navigate this place...
Cayenne: Ok..
Chevro: step one, sniff on the floor... and you can find out who's been here before..

Camry: Hello Hello! Dun forget me!!! Though I may not be as small and cute as those 2, I am mummy and daddy's preciousiest Precious!!

Cayenne: Oh Man, what do you guys engage in besides sniffing??? Oh man. this is getting boring...

Cayenne: I need some ginger beer to cool off.. Daddy's beer looks nice....

Camry: AIYO! u stop acting innocent lor..
Cayenne: No lor, I am juz smiling at mummy coz I am happy to see her.. erm..
( actually its coz her camera's there? hiak hiak?
Camry: POSEUR!

Okie, now for a few group shots...

Camry, chevro and Cayenne: Mummy, lidat ok??
mummy: NO!! ok, wait ar, let daddy take the shot...

EVERYONE: FINALLY! after 999 attempts. WE are so tired...

Camry, chevro and Cayenne: FINALLY CAN RELAX!!! haa... dun need to act glam anymore... YeS!!

Cayenne: Jie Jie!!
Camry: Yes? OopSsss! we kissed again...
Cayenne: I love kissing jie jie..

Camry: after 1.5 hrs of walking, we finally reached Bukit timah side!!! Excited!!

Chevro: Mummy loves this picture of Me... coz I am so sweet in this one...
Mummy: CAn u like smile boy?? hee..

Chevro: Okie, no harm smiling, since I am enjoying myself!! keke

Cayenne: while mummy's bz taking pictures of Chevro, I shall entertain myself disturbing Jie Jie...
Mummy: too bad gers, U got caught!
Camry: told u she's quite sharp..

Cayenne: Beautiful day, nice scenery! Perfect for Sleeping!!

Chevro: We are all getting tired mummy, can we start gg home??

Camry: hee.. My portrait shot!!!:)

???: guess who I am?? hee...

We went off ard 6.15pm..:) and mummy resumed her disgusting assignment... hee..:)
Cant wait for the SKC dog show this coming weekend...

Anyway, more pictures are available..

11:43 PM

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