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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Hi guys, we found these videos of Camry's race on facebook and managed to grab a copy of the videos from the person who shot them, i.e Chuppajess from Dogsforum. Mummy is so happy that there is a video of Camry, coz the handling requires 2 people, hence no one is there to take a video of her running! We are so proud of you, Camry! You are the bestest girl in the whole wide world! Even though we know you HAVE to lose weight, you are still the best!:)

Preliminary ROUND!!

The Finals!!

So long folks! We'd be updating again real soon!!:)

12:49 AM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Please help! to spread the msg. :)

Lambert, sweet Lamby (mini schnauzer)

Lambert is a senior mini schnauzer who is looking for a home, estimated to be around 8 years old. Three years ago he was found abandoned at a playground and rescued by a young girl but now he has also lost his home due to family constraints. The girl's parents wanted to release him into the wild or to the SPCA and we managed to rescue him in time but he now needs a permanent home to lay his head.

We have called him Lambert as he is as docile as a little lamb. He doesn't bark and sits patiently to be taken out for walks, even as late as 11 pm he will hold his pee. He does not dirty your home, he does not protest when he gets his meal late or when everyone forgets to bring him down for his walk. That is not his style. Lamby is a very good boy, he just waits and waits.

Now in foster care, Lambert now knows how to exchange his paw for a snuggle and a pat but most times he is peacefully content to be by your side, enjoying your presence and companionship ... that is his temperament and docility.
If there is anyone out there who would be able to give sweet Lambert a place, finally a home, not for the next three years but forever, [b]please contact us at 98383820 or email anaterry@singnet.com. [/b]

Hell comes in different forms for those who need a home, for this dog, dumped once 3 years ago, abandoned again and saved at the eleventh hour from a straying life with no where to go, it is hell all over again. When will it finally end for Lambert - for this very undemanding dog, one who doesn't ask for much, never did and never will, the sweet dog that he is.

Will the third time be happier for Lambert? Can he find love and security this time around? If you can make it happen, do it for Lambert. He's been waiting a long time for his heaven.

12:12 AM

Monday, May 18, 2009
Hello All..
Yesterday was a day we were all looking forward to.. and It was truly a day of FUN!
We started off from Woodlands MRT station as Uncle Adrian drove us to Singapore expo for the SKC(SIngapore Kennel Club) Dog Show.

This time round it was the Companion dog show, hence we had a chance to showcase our other talents! muahaha.

Cayenne: I started the day playing with this wonderful BC.. Really playful!!

Cay: But then, he started chewing on me by the neck, and my entire head was in his muzzle, and mummy was getting really worried.. and carried me away, as this BC was a lil rough.

Cayenne: And then I played with this really cool MS with pink fur.

Cayenne: and Lucas, our old friend! haha I love playing with him.

Cayenne: Can You see who is whom? Which one is me???

Camry: Hello all! We are the Furrycars!! haha.

Chevro: Hi all, I;m the new leader of the furrycars...
Camry: what did u just say? DADDY!! CHEVRO SAID...
Chevro: Aww Shut Up!
Camry: Dun try to dominate them. life can be hell when we ever try to climb over daddy and mummy...

Cayenne: Then i be the leader, u two follow me?
Camry and Chevro: NO WAY! U ARE A LOSER! Daddy, Cayenne Said.......

Cay: They dressed me up like a boy!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Chevro: While Camry's away for the doggie race contest, let me just cam-whore a little here! Aint I handsome??

Cayenne: let me get a little Nap while she's doing the race...

Camry: I am gg for my race now.. Cya guys.. I hope I can win something for the shelter dogs from A.L.L...wish me luck guys!

Camry: GUYS! I DID IT!! I FINALLY got 1st!!!!!!!!!
Mummy: yes baby! u did it! the 15kg Propac kibbles can be passed to A.L.L now!! haha.

Cayenne: What is this thing? Got water inside? *lick Lick.

Camry: as usual, the BIG NOSTRILS shots of Button.. muahaha

Cayenne: Coz I was too cold, they dressed me up!But Camry just kept squeezing me?

After both Camry and Belly lost the fastest eater contest... we left for the K9 campus at Turf City on Uncle Adrian's car again...


Cayenne: this is Cookie, she has super beautiful Fur... hehe

Camry: This is Belly. He has the O-Ba-Ka Face!

Chevro: Look, they both look alike!! haha. Both of them have one eye patch, on the same side!! haha

THis was supposed to be a picture perfect one. Sad!!
Camry: And if only mummy had held properly, we could have eaten the cake.

Camry: Mummy please Please Please, Can I eat the cake please?

Cayenne: YES YES YES!!

Cayenne: HAHAHA I got a slice to myself!! haha

Chevro: Button eating the cake!

Camry: Oh, the cake, notice the missing words on the right side? CAYENNE LICKED THEM!
Waiting for Cayenne's Godma to send us pics of the entire cake! haha

Chevro: Well, as usual, I seldom eat outside, and its not my birthday, So.. I'll just cam-whore a little more.

Cay: here's one of Button eating the cake! haha he looks so funny and excited!

Cay: This is another one of Cookie! taken by daddy.. haha.

cayenne: this is Brother, My godbrother, I played with him when I was boarding over at godmum's place!

Here's one of Max with cAy's godma!! haha and brady as well. look closely, u see an EXTRA behind.

Camry: Here are the prezzies from my pawpals.
A big thank you to Belly Button, Joey, Max and Brady and Liza, and COokie and your mummy and daddy for coming and your presents for us! And also Uncle Adrian for passing us a prezzie.:)

Camry: that's all folks! There was too much cake. so we threw the rest of the cake away! muahaha.

I wonder where we are going next weekend? Apologies for the ugly pictures this weekend, coz of the poor lighting at the cafe and at the dog show... Tata!!

11:48 PM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Posted by Picasa

Hello All!! TOday I'm here to blog about our Trekking trip last Saturday with 8 other Jacks... It was a great workout for all of us!!

Camry: Oh, you're asking about Cayenne and Chevro. Come on, what makes you think they have the stamina to make it for the trekking?
Cayenne: I resent that!
Camry: Try recalling who had to be carried home at the class 95 walk?

Camry: this is Bubbles...

Camry: here's the trekking route.. we all got so tired.. esp Ginger's Mummy... hahaha...all the way up Mount faber!

Camry: Here's what I usually get? the Hair Dryer Treatment.... Ginger got it too! coz she kept growling...

Camry: the jacks who were present on Saturday!!

Camry: Here's me on the Henderson Bridge! Daddy was so scared that I'd fall off..Man, I am not THAT dumb!

Camry: At the top of the peak~~

CAmry: this place is called duno Henderson Waves or smth?

Camry: waiting for the cars to come... haha... *evil grin* When are we getting our car daddy??

THen they decided to head to Katong Dog Run... THis was my 1st time there....

Camry: I duno whose butt this is, but definitely not mine, coz I have a long long tail!

Camry: Rain and Shine... Shine LOVES to lick, like me~~~

A different Belly....

Camry: Mummy thinks he looks really really good in this one.. compared to the ones his mum always keeps saying he looks ugly in?

Camry: Another one!!!

Camry: GInger!! She looks so fierce in this one~~

a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_MvWg_HhZLx0/SgmWYFydr6I/AAAAAAAAJt4/EaEAxCIv-Vw/s1600-h/DSC_0335.jpg">
Camry: Mum thinks Ginger looks really good in this picture!


Camry: U're a loser! get cornered by the rest........... Unlike me, so cool~~ haha

THis is just Part 1 of the day!! coz after this, Daddy, Mummy with Joey and belly headed home, and brought the others out to Bishan dog run...
Cayenne: pIctures??
Chevro : hello, you forgot what happened to Mummy's laptop?
Camry : Oh ya, Mummy's laptop is gone for the time being.. tmr she's sending it to the doctor, and she's praying hard that the data in there can be salvaged....... Sobz...

We'll update when the laptop decideds to work again..........
So long! tata! Cant wait for Sunday!!
Here's the link the the entire set by the way,

Jacks day out


11:11 PM

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