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Thursday, October 29, 2009
Hi guys! We havent been updating coz mummy has been really really busy at school!
However, we are back! and we will be updating more frequently as much as mummy can! dun worry, we'd bug her!

just 2 weekends back, Mummy and daddy insanely decided to bring us to some place called " woodlands dog run". this place doesnt exist. rather, it was simply a piece of green field with nothing much... and we went during NOON! it was really really hot. So hot that even mummy was lazy to take alot of pictures...

Chevro: Stupid Camry, running around in this weather?? I've better things to do...

Chevro: I shall just sit here and pose while that CRAZY camry runs around...

Camry: What about Cayenne? She was lazing around, begging to be carried, what a loser!

Chevro: acting cute. As ALWAYS.
Cayenne: No I am not acting. I am ALWAYS cute.
Camry: Oh well. crazy chihuahuas!

Chevro: can we head home? this place is insanely hot. i dun wan to stay here anymore..
Camry: agreed. a shower would be good.
Cayenne: anything, as long as someone carries me?

Everytime the 3 of us hang out together, people would start asking if we get along well. Especially since Camry looks fiercer and much bigger in size than the other 2, people always assume Camry bullies the other 2.. the fact is... things are not the way people think it is..

Chevro: I'll be your guide while those 2 start.
Does this photo look scary, and seems like a life threatening situation for the chihuahua? Fret Not... this is just the crazy little gal bullying us older folks..

Chevro: Usually, and surprisingly, the loser is Camry.. She's horrible..
Camry: COme on! what about how you behave when Cayenne bugs u?\

Chevro: when people see this, they would usually go.. " OH NO!" and pick up Cayenne. The assumption that Camry would really snap at Cayenne is totally wrong! this has never happened before, and Camry only allows that little ger to nibble on her..

Camry: I look scary dont't I? its as if I will eat this small little thing up? Come on! this is not the movies.. I'm not a monster. she's the monster though...

Cayenne: HAHAHA I won. Smell my butt
Chevro: hello dear, you are caught on camera!
Camry and cay: WHAT??!! we demand this picture to be deleted?

Camry: This is reality. I dont eat chihuahuas. and I'm actually the one suffering under this crazy little ger. nonetheless, I really love this little sis of mine...

Pardon the ugly pictures as mummy forgot her flash, and was working with the flash built into her camera. and this flash really sucks.

This Sunday, we are heading to the SKC dog show. Do drop by and say Hi to us if you see us! Camry's joining events in the companion dog show section. we hope we win something for the doggies at the shelter!!

Tadaa! we promise to update again soon!!

1:14 AM

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